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Last week I told you about my experience getting fitted at Club Champion for a new driver.  This week I’m going to tell you about my first round played with the new driver.  I’m not going to provide you with the brand name of the head, shaft or grip that was determined best for me.

Club Champion isn’t about promoting a particular brand – that is what makes them different than most club fitters. Their purpose is to find the best combination of components to match the individual they are fitting.

Unlike most fitters who wheel out a fitting cart with options limited by the manufacturer, Club Champion has the ability to mix and match across all manufacturers to find the exact fit for you, based on your swing  – not a robot or tour player’s swing.

Not that Club Champion doesn’t have all the major brands represented, they do. In fact, I was even asked what brand I was the most interested in. I told Richie (my Master Fitter at Club Champion), and he set me up with what I thought was going to be my new dream club. Boy, was I wrong!  After just a few swings,  it was obvious that this driver was not for me.  It might have been the perfect club for you, but it was definitely not for me (it still looked good but just not in my hands!).

I will admit that I’m not a very good golfer, anyone that has ever played with me will attest to that. I do love the game though!  My goal is to play bogey golf. Sometimes I do, but more often that not I’m closer to shooting a 100 than a 90.  I think I have found the cure that is going to get me to consistently shoot under 90.

This new driver was incredible!   My first tee shot was down the middle about 220 –  my guys were asking “who is this that just hit?”. I didn’t want to be over-confident so I remained silent and smiled. In the back of my mind I was thinking, was it just luck or did the driver really make the difference?

After the first four fairways hit,  I knew it had to be the driver. My round that day was one for me to remember, an 86 with twelve fairways hit. You can’t tell me the driver wasn’t the major contributor to that!  Every time I hit driver, it felt good. Even on my missed fairways, the ball was getting hammered.  The club was doing its job.

If your equipment doesn’t fit, you cannot make an efficient golf swing. Whether you realize it or not,  you will make compensations in your golf swing to try to correct poor ball flight caused by the golf club that does not fit. With correctly fitting equipment, you will have the greatest opportunity to make an optimal golf swing.   If you want to improve your game before getting another lesson, GET FIT will be the single most important thing you can do and Club Champion is the place to do it.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that I didn’t just go out and buy what I thought was my dream club. If I had,  it might have been a nightmare. Jessie found me my real dream club!


Club Champion claims Premium Club Fitting Equals Instant Success. After one round…I’m a believer and so are the guys who played with me!



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