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Finn Scooters Adds Coolers, Colors, Courses, and Canada

Finn Scooters, creator of the Finn Cycle electric golf cycle, is bringing a faster and more enjoyable pace of play to golf courses everywhere. With new accessories, colors, and expansion into Canada, the brand is thriving in 2023.

Plenty of Finn Cycle accessories are available if you want to personalize your Finn. You can choose from fenders, coolers, cargo baskets, golf bags, seat covers, cargo baskets, travel covers, Bluetooth speakers, and many other options to create a custom look.

Finn Cycles can be found on over 160 courses across 40 states in the USA. They are also expanding their availability in Canada through a growing number of courses, dealerships, and sales representatives.

Developed by Rick Reimers, founder of the long-pioneering golf equipment company Sun Mountain Sports, Finn was designed specifically for golf and has applications beyond the course. “The inspiration for Finn is the desire to play a faster round of golf,” said Rick Reimers. “Riding Finn is invigorating and sporty while encouraging ready golf.”

What is a Finn Cycle?

Finn Scooters

Finn Cycle: Play a Faster Round & Have More Fun

The Finn Cycle is a single-rider golf cart with two wheels, equipped with an electric motor and lithium battery. It provides a stable and comfortable ride, leaving its riders smiling!

The golf bag is positioned at the centerline of the Finn Cycle, providing convenient access to golf clubs while ensuring a stable riding experience. The hand-operated disc brakes and front and rear suspension work together to provide a comfortable riding experience.

The motor, which is powered by a lithium battery, is located in the rear wheel. It has the ability to cover up to 36 holes on a single charge; however, it is recommended to charge it after each round.

Finn Cycles are capable of traveling at a speed similar to that of a conventional golf cart, which is around 15 mph. This can significantly speed up the game’s pace by promoting ready golf, with each player driving straight to their ball.

Finn provides a convenient scan-and-ride smartphone application that facilitates hassle-free check-out at the pro shop.

Finn Scooters

Finn offers several acquisition options for golf courses, including lease plus revenue share, direct purchase, and fleet financing. Finn is also available for individual purchase and personal use with prices from $3,499.

Reimers has a well-deserved reputation for creating innovative golf products that become industry mainstays, such as the golf bag with built-in legs and the golf push cart. Is Finn Cycle the next innovation from Reimers that’ll evolve from a head-turner to the accepted standard? History is on his side.

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